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This is MY year(s) of big risks and big rewards, and of me standing up for myself and my happiness. Feel free to join in my journey.

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I’ve never heard such great speakers on education. Motivates me on so many levels. And I want to be Sir Ken Robinson’s best friend.

Bill Gates spoke. John Legend hosted (swoon) and sang in between talks (double swoon). Incredible high schoolers spoke. The winner of the Louder than a Bomb poetry contest recited his poem and melted my heart on so many levels.

The thing is, this is not just applicable to education. It’s applicable to the United States business world. To the framework of public accounting. And so many other industries. We are the product of failed education as a whole in America.

So the solution is that we fix the next generation. I want to be a part of that movement, enough movement to be called a revolution. But… BUT… I want to, no, need to use this to fix this world now. We don’t have the time to wait for our results in the next generation to take effect when they become our leaders. We have to fix the now. It may look to be too much to fix, but it is NOT impossible and I will be part of figuring out how to accomplish that.

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