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This is MY year(s) of big risks and big rewards, and of me standing up for myself and my happiness. Feel free to join in my journey.

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All men should hear this.


snapcats > snapchats

Here’s the thing. After the last two years, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it’ll never come because she’s meant to meet someone a million times better than him and to move on and remember him only as part of her past that she doesn’t miss anymore.

I thought the exact sentence in the picture before. Yes, that happened to me. And yet, it never came and I’m SO glad. I now have the love of my life and I just remember the guy I was waiting for that phone call from as someone in my past that I don’t miss anymore.

Slept in. Talked to my family already. Boyfriend’s making me breakfast. 

This sure is nice. Happy birthday to me. :)

Went to a place nearby for dinner. We love their brunch, but I must’ve been allergic something we ate tonight because not 10 minutes after sitting down at home and I can’t stop itching. Hives on my face and torso. Boyfriend rushed to get allergy medication from the pharmacy.

2 hours before my birthday and I’m starting to feel better. But I’d wish the hives would go away. Its my birthday, cut me some slack, body!

Tomorrow, we revel in my birthday wonderfulness.

My run felt great on Monday. I did just over 4.5 miles in running intervals at a pace I hadn’t been able to sustain for more than 3 miles… well… ever. This was after last Wednesday’s 4.5 mile treadmill workout. I felt on top of the world.

Well, I guess my body generally needs at least 2 days rest between workouts to really recover and up to that level again because I went back at it today with only 1 day off. And I struggled through the workout. 

Granted, its still stronger — faster and longer — than I had been doing a month ago, but I felt like collapsing the whole way through whereas I got a second wind 2/3 of the way through of the 4.5 milers.

Still learning about my body, I guess. ALL I know is that this metabolism needs to work its way back up so that I can shed the 15 lbs I gained this year. I’m ready to be 15 lbs — or more, if possible — less again.