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BRB objectifying celebrity men with beards.

Guys are better with facial hair on them. Love me some scruff.


PSA: it’s Slothsgiving this week over at BuzzFeed Animals.

I’m half an hour from a mental breakdown. Regretting sharing a rental car with this coworker that feels the need to do “just 15 more minutes” when I told him half an hour ago that if I don’t get to sleep soon, I will for sure be physically ill.

When in doubt, overload your brain with kitten GIFs.

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I am already beginning to feel the aftermath of a night of complete insomnia. Today is going to suck.

I was the idiot that drank too much caffeine yesterday. The latte I had at breakfast was fine. But in attempt not to munch in the afternoon, I made some Paris breakfast tea with milk. Yes, the caffeinated tea.

I have a 7:30 flight this morning for my business trip. I need to be up at 4:30 — my boyfriend is picking me up and taking me to the airport at 5:15.

It’s 2:52 and I’ve failed at every attempt I’ve made to sleep. I’ve dozed twice, not making it to full sleep mode for more than 5-10 minutes if I even slept. I’m not sure. I’m wide awake though exhausted. I made sure not to sleep in this weekend so I could take advantage of the time I had with my boyfriend and dad. So I’m definitely tired. But an hour and a half before I have to be awake and I’m still wide awake, though bags under my eyes are forming.

Insomnia is going to make me have a miserable Monday at work. Running on no sleep. My only hope is that my plane gets delayed while I’m on board so I can sleep for more than 2 hours.

Sometimes I hate my body.

I didn’t realize how much I needed to spend time with my boyfriend and my dad, to be home. I always would like more quality time with the two most important men in my life — I surely always could use the added time. But I really needed this for my well-being. With everything that is changing around me, I needed to feel the familiar comforts of love and home.

I live in New York but this is home.

I worked out and then walked home in the rain. So I’m sweaty, burning up, and damp. Not a good combination. I strip my clothes and then think I should eat before I shower since it’s 9pm already.

I throw on an apron and turn on the stove to heat up soup (I don’t own a microwave). Then I think of how this is one image my boyfriend dreams about. So I text him my clothing choices.

He FaceTimes me within 10 seconds. Starts staring. Then asks me if I’m surprised he called right away.

No, dear, I am not surprised you FaceTimed me instantly. I’m rather glad you did.



Her favorite spot

Needed this picture.

Reblog again because I need this cat in my life.